Excerpted from Spookytooth:


When I leaned forward to smell the wet roses a presence passed through me that made me sick.  It felt like a hand passed over my back and cradled my stomach before moving on.


No one was there when I turned around.  The rain made a steady trickle of water that washed off the road into the drain.  Tucking my hair behind my ear, I even crouched down and looked under the parked cars: as I expected, the street was totally empty.


But something had definitely groped me and I was pissed about it.


An unfamiliar energy had moved through me as it went towards the woods.  Like a wind but different.  Something picked up the leaves in its wake.  Something made the air feel different.  


Spirit shit, I nodded to myself as I pulled up my hood, hiked the straps of my backpack higher up on my shoulders and ran after it.  


I was a witch and I knew my rights.  No way was I going to be fucked with by some uninvited spirit.    


More about Spookytooth, a young adult queer and transgender teen witch novel:

Marty is a teen witch from the wrong side of the tracks with a razor-sharp tongue and secret crush on her best friend Jessica, who lives for heavy eyeliner, black tights and Doc Martens.  Together with Marty’s younger, transgender sister Maddy, the three form a misfit coven that stands in the way of an evil force threatening to destroy them and their small town. 

Marty’s magic powers, dry humor and street smarts protect her and Maddy from their abusive stepdad, jeering classmates and the long, jagged rows of teeth that hunt them from the woods, aptly named the Spookytooth. Even when Jessica’s grandma sends her away to religious relatives to “straighten her out,” the witches learn to band together stronger than ever.  Spookytooth is a story about girl magic in a very real world and how the young witches’ emotional and physical survival depends on it.


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