Heading to AWP

Yesterday I pulled out my credit card and booked my registration for the AWP conference in Portland this March. When I realized it was coming up and so close by, I immediately thought, Nah, it’s too expensive, I probably shouldn’t go.

But—I always eat really good in Portland.

I love Portland, in fact. The last time I went to AWP was in Seattle a few years ago. At that time I came equip with a stack of queries under my arm, ready to approach literary agents and publishers to pitch my novel, Spookytooth.

I ended up being sheepish, shy and feeling way out of my league. I don’t think I even gave away one query.

This time around, look out. I’ve finished my book, got lots of rejections under my belt and am so ready to come for EVERYTHING with a smile and a firm handshake. I’m getting excited already.

2019, the year of the #powermove

Also, I recently contributed to Queerspace Magazine https://queerspacemagazine.com/the-surreal-drag-collage-of-the-loungettes/ and Transguy Supply Blog https://transguysupply.com/blogs/news/adult-ftm-puberty

Currently, I’m working on an article for Barista Magazine about Flash Brew Coffee, I played basketball this week for the first time since forever and am still love-buzzed from celebrating an anniversary with my boo.