Accepting New Clients!

As of right now, going on my third month of full-time freelancing, I am Making It.

I’m incredibly honored and indebted to the help I’ve received from Nicole Dieker’s Freelance Class through the Hugo House, insights from Paulette Perhach , local writer and teacher extraordinaire, and my amazing peers and friends (I see you Not to mention the endless support of my partner, herself a business owner.

I’ve got something like a schedule that works, and two clients I couldn’t be more happy to work with. Indeed, financial compensation speaks for itself, but when your clients tell you on the regular how stoked they are to work with you, it feels just as good.

Having established the fundamentals of a business I’m proud of, I’m ready to take on new clients!

I have been thrilled to create online articles, Instagram and Facebook content, interviews, and blogs for coffee, queer and trans, and food-related publications.

Some of the projects I’ve been most excited to write are the “Women, Queers, and Trans Folks Taking Over Skate Culture” piece for Queerspace Magazine, an article about trans pop star Kim Petras, and coverage of a Coffee At Large event for Barista Magazine Online. You can read more on my Writing Samples page.

Let’s connect and see what I can do for your business!