Flash Brew Coffee

This morning I received a case of Verve Coffee Roaster’s flash brew coffee—what a treat! You can read all about it in an upcoming article I’m working on for Barista Magazine. Needless to say, my caffeine wants / needs were met all day in delicious fashion.

As I unpacked the box of cold coffee + some pretty cool swag, I couldn’t help but feel like This is it. This is my life. I write articles for magazines. I get to review spectacular coffee.

How strange and rewarding this freelance life is turning out. One day I’ll wake up feeling in the dumps about “where I’m at” in my freelancing career and all it takes to turn it around is one promising email, one new lead, or in this case, a literal case of cold brew.

These subtle, day-by-day emotional shifts are everything. How it feels to be a paid writer is fucking rad, and scary and mystifying and so, so worth it.